Prime Focus - Clarifies on news item 03/07/2014

Prime Focus - Clarifies on news item
03/07/2014 11:10
With reference to the news item appearing in leading newspaper, titled "Reliance Cap to buy Big Stake in Prime Focus.", Prime Focus Ltd has Clarified to BSE that :

"In response to your query of on July 02, 2014, the Company has already clarified/ confirmed vide its letter dated June 24, 2014 and Outcome of the Board Meeting on June 25, 2014 that the Company and its overseas subsidiary has received financing commitments and term sheets from multiple parties and the transactions are subject to finalization and customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the coming weeks.

As and when any obligation to make any disclosure on such developments arises under clause 36 of the listing agreement, we will make appropriate disclosures."